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I’ve cut down use of my Honda Civic to necessities. No use of plastic bottles for many many years. Started recycling in the 70’s, mostly vegetarian, minimal use of electricity, and looking for the best bank to put my pennies.

We are in a state of emergency!!

I have 4 young granddaughters and 1 20 yr old grandson.

We need to have black outs, the same as in a war, because we are at war with the fossil fuel barons!

We need to divest from Chase!!!

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But it is also important to specify what policies are adopted by whom and when to produce the different scenarios.

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Thanks for sharing this. I applaud any effort to make things clearer. I'm a visual person and really appreciate having the names associated with the notional emissions and temperature profiles. It will be interesting to see where were are headed when AR7 is complete.

Are those emission profiles and associated temperature profiles more than notional at this point? It seems right now that something between IAPD and DAPD is possible.

As an aside, any chance we could get your take on the recent Patrick Brown and Nature kerfuffle?

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I think I answered my own query about what emission scenario and temperature is possible by looking by at your May 25th article about where we might be headed. Probably the best summary I've seen anywhere.

Also, I retract my request about commenting on the Patrick Brown issue. It is probably not in your best interest. I apologize.

Gavin Schmidt did not mince words and called it "Monumentally unethical." https://www.eenews.net/articles/a-scientist-manipulated-climate-data-conservative-media-celebrated/

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