Unfortunately, all of what you have written is true, but requires some thinking. Politicians specialize in one liners and slogans that appeal to their base voters. I dbobt that many MAGA voters will take the time or spend the mental energery to read your post. Perhaps it will persaude some who are undecided and I hope so.

I asked one of my past associates to look at what I call "Big Money" and watch what they are doing. Insurance companies are raising rates due to losses and now refusing write or renew coverages in some areas, long term tanker owners building double hulled tankers to sail across the top of the world because melting sea ice is opening new shipping lanes, and reinsurance rates going up around the world due to huges losses from climate change.

Liberals have been accused of being enemies of free speach, but are lies and distortions true examples of free speach? I realize that to some, things like "vaccines kill people" is free speach, but in reality it is the lack of vaccines that kill people and endanger others. The exaamples you have debunked are perfect examples of free speach being used to sell lies.

Vivek is a perfect example of an intellegent, well educated person who is selling lies to benefit his political position. There is no thought given to the harm the being done by these lies. The only thought is will it help my political standing. The worst part, he is not the only politician to follow this path.

My only hope is the younger generation that is seeing their future world being destroyed and that they will act accordingly. Do not vote for politicans that promote lies.

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The main reason deaths are way down is because of better warnings. This is especially so for cyclones in the Indian Ocean where thousands lost their lives in the past, but warning systems trigger major evacuations and these have been implemented better in India and Bangldesh than in Texas and Florada and have reduced deaths to a handful. This applies more generally, with all warning now giving more notice.

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Thank you for this important truth!

Turnout, turnout, turnout is the only way to defeat Ramaswamy and other politicians’ distortions of free speech.

Defeat Ramaswamy and others at the Ballot Box.

Four grassroots I know of, perhaps more, are reaching out to younger Voters -- and voters of additional communities -- with letters, postcards, phone calls, door to door canvassing, donations re: climate change for 2023-2024.

I would encourage anyone who can, to join a grassroots to take action for GOTV on Climate Change.

Or to donate.

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To say that the guy has been a huge disappointment for me personally would be an understatement. An immigrant, and 38 years old, one would think this is ONE issue where he would be far more to the "left" of his party and demonstrate a next-generation style of young Republican leadership. Instead, he is selling the same old crap in shiny new BS.

And yes, as an immigrant from Indian origin myself, it is extremely disappointing to put it mildly if not disgusting if I throw caution to the wind and actually speak my mind.

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https://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/transportation-research-part-a-policy-and-practice northern sea route

https://r.search.yahoo.com/_ylt=AwrNPrjEJvZkolMeckEPxQt.;_ylu=Y29sbwNiZjEEcG9zAzIEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3Ny/RV=2/RE=1693882181/RO=10/RU=https%3a%2f%2fabc13.com%2ffarmers-insurance-companies-leaving-states-aaa-what-are-high-climate-risk%2f13518796%2f/RK=2/RS=mofrPZconp0_.1wX1fLmK7YxJ0s- article describing insurances companies withdrawing from several states

The Wall St. Journal has talked about the declining insurance market and the increased rates charged by reinsurers - but it is a paywall site, so unless you are wlling to sign up it is hard to get access.

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"Ask someone in Florida who’s trying to home owners insurance."

This claim borders on dishonesty. The column linked identifies increased litigation costs and fraudulent roof damage claims, not climate risk, as the cause for increasing premiums and insurers leaving the state. Perhaps the writer didn't read the link he used.

"The alternative is climate-safe, renewable energy, which is now as cheap as fossil fuels"

This is flat-out dishonest. To quote from Page 6 of the Lazard study linked (numbered as Page 3): "The Investment Tax Credit (“ITC”), Production Tax Credit (“PTC”) and domestic content adder, among other provisions in the IRA, are important components of the levelized cost of renewable energy generation technologies" Like all studies purporting to show that renewable energy is cost-competitive with fossil fuels, this study assumes current subsidies continue indefinitely. If you want to argue that the costs of subsidies are worthwhile, then make that case. But, don't pretend that they aren't needed to make a "competitive" cost.

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There is a mixture of truth and misinterpretation here. Carbon dioxide can help growth of some vegetation: almost 25% of emissions of CO2 goes into the "land surface". But plant location and existence depends entirely on adequate water. Deserts may bloom after a wet spell, for instance in SW USA after Hilary, or in Australia after La Nina rains that reincarnate Lake Eyre. In general there is more rain on land during La Nina, as has been the case the past 3 years up until end of March. As we go into El Nino, more rain occurs over tropical Pacific and droughts become more widespread. Droughts are intensified and set in quicker with extra heating from climate change. But where plants are already growing, they may grow faster from carbon dioxide fertilization. Weeds certainly do!

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Ha ha ha. "Do your own research".

No thanks. Even if I were a professor of physics at Oxford and a Nobel laureate I would still accept the consensus as summarised by the IPCC.

Because I couldn't refute the science. Or at least no one in such a position has so far or is likely to, although one emeritus professor at Cambridge and FRS is associated with the GWPF. He talks utter tripe.

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" I do doubt that there's any reason for panic or despair"

So what increase in global mean surface temperature and heat added to the ocean would you perhaps start to think was maybe a problem?

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I don’t think the evidence you have pointed out is clear enough for us to radically change the course of human progress that has helped so many people. If renewable energy is the better alternative step into the capitalist arena and sell it. No republican has a love for fossil fuels, but don’t ban the opposition let us drill frack and produce coal. You can sell solar energy and wind energy, this is the land of the free and we can produce coal. Also the air pollution death rate is just misinformation, we need to look at life expectancy as a better metric and life expectancy has gone up.

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Thank you Dr. Dressler. I've seen a few comments re insurance. Where live we hope to be able to buy earthquake insurance. That will change when we have a significant "bump".... insurance companies enjoy making money but abhor pay it out. I'm guessing premiums are very high or unavailable in several areas of FL and around the Gulf Basin. This link is from Canada but I suggest that the philosophy might be more general: https://www.insuranceinstitute.ca/en/resources/insights-research/Climate-risks-report#:~:text=In%20the%201980s%2C%20the%20industry,just%20four%20to%20five%20weeks.

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I’m enjoying this blog. Recently the NYTimes discussed the relationship between El Niño and warm water temperatures, indicating that when warmer waters exist the positive storm destroying benefits of El Niño are reduced. I wonder if your group is studying this phenomenon. In either case, can you please comment on this theory?

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"If you do want to focus on deaths from fossil fuels, air pollution resulting from the burning of fossil fuels has been estimated to be responsible for one in five deaths worldwide." My understanding is that most deaths from air pollution come from the burning of wood and animal manures in the homes of people in developing countries. If these people were supplied with cleaner affordable energy such as fossil fuels, millions of lives would be saved every year.

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As to the claim that greening of the Earth is due to increased levels of CO2 and therefore beneficial, I have not seen any analysis that considers how much of this greening is being caused by an increased use of synthetic fertilizers as opposed to being caused by more CO2. I say this because the papers that I have read that discuss this greening, show mapping of the greened areas that appear to overlap areas with intensive agriculture. Any thoughts on this?

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